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GDPR and Human Resources

GDPR software will profoundly change the governance and practices of companies in terms of processing personal data. This new regulation is applicable by all European and non-European public and private companies that collect, process or store the data of EU citizens. These new provisions, which exceed what the French Data Protection Authority had previously requested, are based on two basic principles: first, Privacy by design, in other words, taking into consideration of private data from the design stage of a computer tool and second Privacy by default or the need to permanently guarantee the highest level of protection for this data.


a complete regulatory solution

  • Management

    Managing a processing register that can be updated

  • Monitoring requests

    Monitoring employee requests concerning their own personal data

  • Data processing

    Data processing rights to delete/to be forgotten or to rectify

  • Data collection system

    Data protection system relating to the right to portability

  • Customisation

    Customisation of "GDPR" forms based on company agreements

GDPR software for HR teams

Discover a complete solution to manage GDPR for HR teams to ensure compliance with new European regulations on the management of personal data. This latest tool completes our talent management suite and ensures no area of your HR processes are forgotten when it comes to managing personal data.

GDPR HR software

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Monitoring employee requests in connection with personal data

Employee rights

Right to be forgotten – to withdraw – rectify – portability

Processing register

System for managing the processing register and the Solution

HR Strategy

Delegation, decentralisation, shared service centre, e-learning, knowledge management, connectivity with performance appraisals and competencies

WEB Environments

Security, confidentiality and connectivity guaranteed by LDAP-compatible systems, SSO in all web environments


Customised dashboards via a Business Intelligence (SaaS) module