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A Core HR to drive your business needs

Why choose our Core HR software solution?  Companies operate in an environment in which it’s difficult for them to survive and stay competitive. Major upheavals, whether caused by market instability or developments, or major global transformations, require companies to have a clear and accurate picture of their workforce and organisation.
This picture must also help management in designing the target organisational structure of tomorrow view of hypothetical strategic changes.


a forward-thinking solution for core HR

  • Individual records

    Individual records and workforce management. Succession planning – Target organisational charts – Key and high-potential employees – Personal development plan – Hardship management system

  • Simulator

    Target organisational structure simulator based on hypothetical strategic changes, external growth and business sector developments

  • Forecast diagram

    Organisational forecast diagram to identify and plan the administration of your company in the short- and medium-term

  • Onboarding

    Onboarding and managing new hires to optimise the employee integration process


Optimise your workforce management by getting a true picture of your human capital. Centralise the data of your Core HR to ensure your talents are nurtured and developed in order to contribute positively to the business processes. Our Core HR software tool places your talents at the centre of your strategy to develop and align skills and competences in line with your business objectives and future needs.

Core HR Solution

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Talent-centric Core HR to drive your business


Population distribution indicators and ratios – staff turnover, the ageing shift, age pyramid, simulations.


Tailor-made modelling of forms and complete dematerialisation of employee management processes

WEB Portal

Integration of the company into the web portal. Integration of the competency and activities repository

Fœderis Solutions

Fœderis solutions are adapted to all business sectors: Public, Private, Service, Manufacturing, Banking and Insurance

WEB environments

Security, confidentiality and connectivity guaranteed by LDAP-compatible systems, SSO in all web environments


Customised dashboards through a Business Intelligence module (SaaS)